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A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story
The "A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story" book is by Carol Hilgartner Schlank and Barbara Metzger and illustrated by David Katz. The video, "Cartoon Sea" echoes "the importance of keeping oceans free from pollution" while it is a "bright, colorful look at all kinds of sea life."
Naples Daily News - Marco Island Film Festival.

Other videos from "Future Girls Adventures in Marine Biology excites the imagination to the many possibilities and wonders of science and introduces the viewer to valuable vocabulary."
Linda Chilton, Education Specialist at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, CA.


A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story is the biography of Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, who was the world's first "environmentalist." In her book The Silent Spring, she first warned the people of this planet that the pesticides are doing irreparable damage to the ecosystem Today, everyone has heard of the environment and pollution and toxic waste. Our youngest generation needs to know how they can participate in saving their present and future home.

A Clean Planet: The Solar Power StoryMost of the videos are from Future Girls: Adventures in Marine Biology, an exciting adventure of two girls and a marine biologist in a submarine explaining the ocean and all its wonderful species. A unique presentation of the sea, 3D animation, live action and wonderful documentary footage of sea creatures.
One video is the Cartoon Sea.


  • BOOK A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story by Carol Hilgartner Schlank and Barbara Metzger, illustrated by David A. Katz and narrated by Judith Love Cohen
  • ANIMATION – Cartoon Sea animated by David A. Katz
  • MUSIC – "Sea Dream" Music by Suzanne W. Morgen, Words by David A. Katz, Flute Solo by Rachel Siegel
  • VIDEOS – "Future Girls Adventures in Marine Biology"


"A Clean Sea: The Rachel Carson Story" is part of an environmental series from Cascade Pass, Inc.
Others in the series are:


Special thanks to Judith Love Cohen, book editor, Future Girls producer, Clean Sea narrator, David A Katz, Cartoon Sea animator, Future Girls director, Future Girls song lyrics, Kana Tatekawa, Clean Sea Graphic Designer, Beth Gallegher, Future Girls editor, Rachel Siegel, Future Girls flute, Suzanne Morgen, Future Girls song composer, Mary Lou Kolbenschlag, Katrina Carson, and Danielle Jacobs, Future Girls Actresses, Fidel Gruber technical designer for Future Girls, Cartoon Sea, and A Clean Sea Application.


Rachel Carson; Children’s Book; Environment; Green; Oceans; Reefs; Divers; Submarine; Cartoon Sea; Science; Multi-Media; Interactive; Birds; Fish


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